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READ ME: AstinaGT.com Site Rules + Guidelines

AstinaGT.com Site Rules/Code of Conduct

The AGT IMC - your first point of contact
When you are looking to contact an IMCM & are unable to, by all means approach another one - but sometimes we're busy!
We are all easy going people & are always happy to help in anyway we can.

The IMC team
BigBoyLemonade - Administrator/Site Owner
marcs_sp20 - Moderator
Rupewrecht - Administrator

An explanation of the role of the IMC
Who are they & what do they do?
The above members form an Impartial Moderating Committee (here after known as the IMC).
The IMC is there to help keep the forums friendly and on-topic.

Rules/ Guidelines for the IMC when Moderating.
- IMC Members will read posts, if a post is going off topic - a note will be posted asking for the conversation to go back on topic.
- If a thread becomes abusive/ derogatory etc.. against a member/company, and as long as two or more IMC's agree, then they can moderate the thread (the need for two avoids individual bias).
- If another IMCM's is not available immediately - then one IMC can move a thread to a quarantine area for review by another IMCM.
If - once reviewed by another IMCM - the thread is deemed acceptable, it will be returned to the original area. If not, it will stay in the quarantine area.
- IMCM's will 'soft delete' offending message - leaving them viewable by other IMCMs. Although the IMCM's do not need committee approval, the committee will review the quarantined messages for breach of club rules, as only the committee has the power to act on breaches of the rules.
- If an IMCM is personally involved in a thread needing moderation, other IMCMs will rule on the need for moderation.
- If the situation requires escalation, IMC's can contact the other members of the committee by whatever means are most convenient for advice and/or a decision.

Rules & Guidelines to posting on AstinaGT.com

Introduce yourself
- Starting a thread telling us a bit about you helps our existing members know something about the person they are chatting with.
- Tell us what you drive, as this helps answer any specific questions relating to your model of car.

Ensure that your new topics are in the correct forum.
It makes it easier to keep track of topics and saves the moderator team from constantly moving topics.
- Example: You have an idle problem – ask the question in the Performance & Maintenance section.
- Example: You have just fitted a new spoiler & are looking for comments – post in the Bodykits & Exterior section.

Give your post a relevant heading to help with future searches.
- Example: You have a gearbox problem title your post “Gearbox Problem” not “HELP” or “I’ve got a problem” etc.

Do not associate AstinaGT with illegal activity that could lead to prosecution
- Illegal driving techniques (Breaking your state laws – speeding, drink driving, burnouts, handbrake turns etc)
- Violence (toward another person, toward another vehicle, vigilante violence towards anyone)
- Defamation (defaming people or companies. Legitimate complaints are acceptable within reason but there is no such thing as freedom of speech, unless you can afford to pay for it)

Classifieds - For Sale/Wanted
- Are only for Private sales only – No Traders allowed.
- No 'bumping' threads while they are still on the first page - you will be warned.
- Traders must contact IMCMs via PM’s if they wish to advertise products.
- To become a trader, two of the IMCM need to approve you doing business on AGT. A small yearly fee is involved, with a personalised Traders section incurring further costs. Traders also have the right to moderate their own sections. Please PM an IMCM for further details. Fees go towards keeping AGT online!
- Buyers buy at their own risk. AGT will not be held liable for misleading seller threads.

Do not post topics or replies containing:
- Subjects which you may think have been covered before – try using the Search function.
- Remember when searching to try a few variations of words or different names given to the same thing. Example: headers, exhaust manifold, extractors are all roughly the same thing and are known under these different names.
- Flames directed towards other users (deleted/locked on sight, possibly with a temporary ban for the user).
- Anything not relating to the original subject of the topic, although we are quite flexible with thread deviation, try to keep on topic. (Although chat in the Lounge area is much more flexible).
- Any derogatory comments based on age, gender, race, ethnicity or nationality (which may be met with the user being given a warning and a deletion of the post).
- Profanities. Any fully visible profanities will be edited with **** or similar.
- No posting pictures that contain nudity, derogatory or disturbing images.
- SMS/TXT type language. Typos are one thing, but you are expected to make an effort with your posting/spelling/grammar. Please make an effort to type right for the greater good of the forum.

Readers Rides Rules
- The gallery is intended for pictures of your car. Do not post pictures of your Saturday night - stay relevant.
- The gallery has facility to add comments to peoples pictures, as such, the same rules apply to comment posting as forum posting - see above section
- No posting pictures that contain nudity, derogatory or disturbing images
- No posting pictures of any illegal activities
- Maximum picture size is 151 Kb.
- Users are only to create 1 personally gallery for their car unless if they are a forum supporter. Users are restricted to 8 pictures in the gallery.
- Rule breaches of the gallery are subject to the same moderation disciplines as forum breaches. Users can be banned, from both forum and gallery.
Moderators are bound by the forum rules defined in this post to apply whatever penalties are appropriate.

Locked/Moved topics
Topics are locked for a reason, usually to do with breaking of the posting rules.
- Do not start a new topic similar to the one that has been locked – it will be deleted and a warning issued.
- Do not cut and paste sections from a locked topic to start a new topic with – again it will be deleted and a warning issued. [I]You can question why the thread has been locked via a pm to the relevant IMCM./I]

Do not promote your own site, unless:
- It's to show off something cool you've done.
- It's a personal site.
- It's to help somebody find something they're looking for.

Do not post spam, or post just to increase your post count
- Spam includes advertisements, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, and flooding of the boards.
- All posts of this nature will be deleted and your post count reduced to what it was previously (if a regular user).
- Spammers (and spambots) will be banned, their accounts deleted and their email address and IP blocked..

Ensure that your signature:
- Does not contain excessively large images, annoying animations or offensive pictures or text.
- Follows all the rules applying to posts themselves.
- Does not exceed 500 pixels x 100 pixels

Ensure that your avatar:
- Is not more than 100 pixels in width, or 100 pixels in height.
- Does not exceed 19.5kb in size.
- Does not contain annoying animations, or offensive pictures or text., as decided by IMCM.

Use of the Off-Topic forum
- The off topic section is for the discussion of anything not Astina related but please still try to stay reasonably sensible. Threads in off topic will not be deleted or moderated unless they are one of the following:
- Defamatory/libelous.
- Offensive.
- Using the thread for free advertising.
- Contains nudity / sexually explicit material of any kind
- Or breaks any of the other forums posting rules

Zero-posting users
- Users that have signed up but not posted with 6 months will have their accounts deleted. This does not apply to posting members who are no longer active.

Forum Accessability
- Some sections of the forum are not visible unless the user is logged in. This is to promote a more active and involved community.

Please make sure you follow these guidelines.
- If any IMCM asks you to comply with one of these rules, you must comply.
- If you argue the rules with a IMCM, you'll be warned, and all members of the committee will be notified, then a decision will be made.
- Keep it up, and you'll receive a temporary ban.
Remember - you are a guest at AGT. If you don't like the rules, then you're welcome to start your own site.

The IMCM have the following options when implementing the rules:
- For minor breaches – such as thread hijacking for personal gain or offensive language
- A warning/request to get back on topic will be posted in the thread.

For more serious breaches – such as repeating the above offences after a warning or flames directed at another user, the thread will be locked & posted in by an IMCM stating why. Offender(s) will also be PM’ed.

Example: Thread locked for breach of the following rules:
Derogatory comments made directly to forum members

For the most serious breaches (such as posting of explicit material or failure to comply with a moderator request) the thread will be locked & removed from the public forum. Offender(s) will be PM’ed.

Person(s) in breach of rules will be notified by PM, with any possible penalties stated – see below for penalties.
Moderators have the right to apply whatever method they feel necessary.

Penalties for breaking the rules
- 1st warning to offenders is given when an IMCM post as such in the thread.
- 2nd warning for repeat offenders or more serious breaches is done via PM.
- 3rd warning comes in the form of a 1 week ban from the forum
- Further action is a 1 month ban
- Ultimate action is a lifetime ban
- Timeframes on warnings are at the discretion of the IMC.

Any banned person(s) creating secondary accounts in order to continue posting on the forum will have an IP based ban implemented so they can no longer view the website at all - the already enforced ban period may also be extended.

All users must use or have there own user name and not share accounts with anyone else. Breaching this will mean an instant ban.

You are responsible for any actions you may take and the consequences of those actions, based upon advice or information you receive online. Remember this is a public forum and posters are of various ages and experience.

AstinaGT.com and/or the IMC will not be held responsible for any damage and/or loss resulting from information posted on the forum.

Private sales are conducted at your own risk - the IMC cannot police all threads in the For Sale/Wanted section. Buyer beware.

If you are uncomfortable with any of these rules or feel they can be improved in any way – please PM the one of the IMC and your suggestion (if reasonable) will be added to the IMC lounge for discussion.

Also, we're always on the lookout for moderators, so behave, be helpful and earn the respect of the IMC, and who knows - you could be become one of us!

Enjoy the AstinaGT Forums!

If you have any problems, start a thread in the appropriate forum, and somebody will be glad to help you.

The IMC team are here to make everyone’s visit more enjoyable, so if you experience any problems with abusive users, please tell an IMCM.
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