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UberBeats 14-05-2020 08:43 PM

WTB: [VIC] - 2003 Astina Hatch Drivers Door Wiring Loom,
Gudday folks

Just bought COVID project a 323 Astina Hatch 2003 BJ. Mechanically A1A just needs some body and interior TLC.

Completely stripped the interior, cleaned the bath...and starting to put it back together. But in the process I've stuffed the drivers side door electrical molex plug. There's more wires on on side of the plug than the other and for the life of me can't figure out which ones are commong

What I would like to buy is the wiring loom from the switches and actuators in the door, to the molex plug and then on the interior side from the molex plug to t just above the fusebox near the drivers feet. Tried wreckers...nuttin. Well got a 2001 loom but there's more wires and an extra plug.

The door is all electric...window, mirror and lock.

Cheers in anticipation :)

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