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Padre's Astina 31-07-2020 08:50 PM

Whats the best ATF for Astina Hardtop?
new guy here, thought this may be the place to ask questions since i can get barely any info bought astina hardtops.

i own a 1.8 auto Astina Hardtop (1998), got the car recently and already having some issues after 2 weeks. Car jerks (like throwing you back kind) when upshifting and sometimes going uphill or braking causes the car to shut down even while driving.

i really think it's a transmission issue and so my first attempt is to do a ATF change. apparently the last owner did not change it since it seemed good (mind you he didnt keep the car for that long and actually rebuilt the car from a shell but using the original engine)

i can't find anything bout what ATF should i use on the trans, any help or advice would really be helpful.

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