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Thanks for that MIB.

Downloaded TorquePro for Android. Looks like an awesome app. Now to get it to work on my 2001 BJ2 SP20.

Just to make sure I'm on the right path, I have taken a couple of photos.

OBD2 plug location:

Back of OBD2 plug:

I have read the OBD2 for BJ2 was a "fake" to comply with US requirements for 2001. There seems to be only 4 wires at the OBD2 plug. Will this still give me the full functionality of the TorquePro App? Found THIS video of TorquePro used on a Mazda 6 and wondering if the 2001 SP20 will have the same capabilities? I like the mini ELM327 as used in that video for the same reasons... clearance to right leg when driving. Is this a good dongle?

Sorry for the noob Q's . This is my first car and I want to make sure it is 100% when I go for my licence in about 6 months.
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