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Well not long after the springs went in I went clunk chasing. One of the springs slipped out of the hat thing so we fixed that up, but yet they continued. Ordered new drop links and tie rods/rack ends, which definitely needed doing.

And at the time of getting an alignment was informed that, yes, the 17 year old shocks had probably had it. I'd always heard lowering springs on standard struts would cause deterioration, but gee it was swift and unpleasant!

Still looked good though.

But it was getting so bad I was often opting to drive my parents GJ6 to work instead since the difference in comfort was so stark...

It was barely more expensive than an OEM style replacement so I bit the bullet and ordered some BCs.

Thanks to learning the in's and out's from Nick the first time I've gotten the fronts done but lack a few tools, will get to it tomorrow. And threw on an Evo VIII wheel again just to see (tyre is waaay too big to think about driving on it though).

Oh, and picked up a Gates timing kit for like $65 from Repco on a clearance which was sweet. Just need water pump and a few gaskets now, major service is only a few thousand kms away.
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