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Originally Posted by HMT View Post
I really like the Evo wheel on there
Nice job so far!
I don't mind them either, but I don't think they'll fit very well with the 235mm wide tyres! As it is I have just a finger worth of gap between the rear fender and the tyre, pretty happy with the fit.

Ended up just getting some cut to length endlinks shortened to about 140mm, also discovered in the process the rear left nuts on the top had come loose which was probably the majority of my clunking. All seems pretty good now! As expected, the ride is firmish, hardly unbearable even over choppy road surfaces, but you do feel the effect of the spring rates over sharper bumps and dips. The benefit of course is that all the dipping under braking is gone, flatter through corners, and I think even downshifting from 4th to 3rd is smoother presumably because of less wobble through the suspension. Pleased overall.

Also ordered a few more bits for the upcoming major service. Got a Gates water pump from Supercheap to match my timing kit, was 20% off on their storewide sale, and I even had $20 of store credit so it only cost $20 overall also grabbed the more comprehensive rocker gasket set for $45 off ebay. So $130AUD for basically all the pertinent gear, can't complain about that!
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