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bj astina wakefield park videos

hey all again
just some videos of my stockish bj astina a few days ago at wakefield park
nothing special but i realised there wasnt many bj 323s video out there so some people here might be interested
i did many 1min20sec runs during the timed session in the arvo but my camera ran out memory
im kinda disappointed with the time since i ran the same time without a rear sway bar last event even though i felt this time i went through the corners much better. im thinking i've lost a few ponies since last time. the engine does have close to 230ks hehe
its pretty lame for my car to do 130km/h (redlining 3rd gear) at the back straight while only managing 142km/h down the main straight full throttle right up to the kink

my car
2003 astina 1.8
stock engine with cai
yellowspeed coilover
progress rear swaybar
stock brakes with remsa pads
hankook rs3 195/50r15

anyways, enjoy the video and any pointers on my driving will be appreciated
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