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ok reviving this again, and restart the search, now that my CV joints are fairly well rusted on... I need to buy:

lower ball joints *as they are bigger as mentioned above?*
knuckle and calipers. extra wheel nuts and some 5 stud wheels.
Rotors and v6 pads.

undo lower ball joint, remove gearbox end of cv (as my hub end is stuck!), brake hose, and 2 bolts for the strut, undo tie-rod thingo too... pull it off in one big mess, get new cv's to suit a G series box, replace cv in the gearbox, bolt on new ball joint, knuckle, connect brake hose, new rotors/brakes and hey presto?

on the rear, remove brakes and whatnot, keep caliper. remove the 4 stud hubs (how?) and replace with 5 stud hubs, new 5 stud rotos and keep existing pads (or buy new ones)

is that all? on the rear, whats involved in removing it?
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