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SP20 Front strut top mount

Gidday all, I'm in New Zealand and have a fantastic Red 2001 SP20, excellent cars, when they work!

It's been clunking and squeaking over bumps so I did my research and concluded it was the top mounts for the front struts. Today I got a mount and bearing from a local supplier and whipped the strut out, easy as!

However, the mount I bought and the mount that was in the car are different!
Left is the original mount, bearing and top cap, right is the new mount and bearing.

Keep in mind the supplier used both my rego and the make/model/year to select these parts, so they should be the same right?

My question is, can I use the new mount, or should I go back on Monday and throw it at the monkey behind the counter? The car is in bits at the moment, so any help would be awesome!
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