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Oh wow! I thought it had been six months since the last update but I see that it has been a lot longer. Time to get things moving and attempt to make 2016 the year I finish up this engine and get it into the car. The engine has taken a bit of a backseat to some work around the house which has taken my time. So here goes (again).

Firstly, in the last month or so, I was able to arrange for a different water pump for the engine. A while ago by a Mazdas247 forum member made a more refined impeller for the water pump and I happened to learn that he had some left. I managed to score one and get it pressed into a new pump which was also then coated.

Here are some comparison pictures:

The impeller was flow benched against a stock unit and the numbers indicated that it could flow about 20% more. So it should move more coolant when idling (keeping the engine temps down) and hopefully wont drag or cavitate so much when in the higher revs.

This was one of the last items on the engine that was stock (not modified, upgraded or a new consumable part). As you can see I got the stock unit off the engine but I will have to wait to get some more Mazda Grey RTV Sealant so that I can install the new (upgraded unit). You will see it installed in more general progress photos.

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