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Originally Posted by NaughtyGT View Post
More info would be handy! What car? FWD or 4WD? That's a pretty ordinary turbo with limited boost/power available!

I'd be very concerned with gearbox @ this stage. This is your weak link with the projected power output you desire............have you a FMIC? increase the capacity here then, look @ injectors/larger turbo/increase boost I can see you experimenting til' you get it right due to the variables your expecting from one build, good luck!

Then there's the brakes/suspension mods to consider.......

My astina has a FMIC from a subaru, 440cc injectors, large rotors front and rear.
The VJ23 seems very hard to comeby. Do you have any turbo in mind that's at the maximum volumetric effeciency limit of the BP? I value instant engine response but would like to improve top end power as a second priority.
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