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Originally Posted by ElvenMishi View Post
Do you have any links i can read on for PAR? Also, what's the maximum boost i can get on the garret assuming i change my internals to forge?
A few other guyz on here would know about the par sets. I have never delved deeply into these as they are extremely expensive!

Concerning boost limits of these small bodied turbos, have a look over on the Garrett websites but, off top of my head, the GT20 series should run up to 20psi but it really depends on the turbine housing A/R too. Smaller housings will get hotter & performance be hindered up top end of their powerband.

Turbos run hotter, becoming less efficient up in these higher boost ranges, also pushing pistons to their upper limits (greater risk of detonation, esp' if you raise your compression) Moderation
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