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Originally Posted by TStar
i believe there are 3 reasons for people not using protective gear:

1) they don't know which mask to buy... filter classes/types are totally unknown to common people.
2) the price : a useful mask will be about 30+ euros / 45+ US$ plus filters...
3) a lot of people believe that beeing exposed to such substances just once (one time project) may not be that dangerous...

maybe i could clear up at least point 1) and 3)..after all everyone must decide if he wants to spend a dime on his health or not.
bit of a n00b in regards to this..and i dont think i'll ever do my own fibreglassing cos i dont think i need any done!...but... does the same go for sanding back/prepping FG for paint? you mentioned grinding and cutting, which is i can understand, but would straight up sanding produce enough dust to warrent the use of the mask?

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