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Nope, not unless you change the entire worring looms from an sp20 ove to the 1.8l.

I tried back a few years ago, when i was putting SP20 everything into my car, but it literally ment “EVERYTHING” !!

Engine loom, body loom, SP20 cluster.

And to get right down to the harder stuff, even the seatbelts, as SP20’s have airbag sensors on the seatbelt winder for some reason, (maybe they had side airbags in another country)

But to answer your question, NO.
Not unless your really good with wiring diagrams and you can make it work with out having to swap wngine harnesses.

Hardest part for me was not being able to fine a wiring diagram for the 1.8l astina/protege.

So i through it in the way to hard basket and just put the original looms
Back in, and never though of it again. As my car went way down a different path to what in had in mind back then.

But i ask WHY?? Do you want the SP20 stuff ???
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