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Don't know how much a hardtop setup for the track would differ to a hatch, but i run the following which i have found is the best setup for me as far as handling, driving style and tyre wear is concerned:

-2.5 camber
+0.5mm toe

-0.5 camber
0.0mm toe

245's for my thinking is gonna be tough to fit under the guards unless there is way more room under a hardtop. I just put 225's under the hatch and i only have a fingers width between the guard and the strut.

From experience without stiffer suspension and some decent camber on the front your tyres will end up with some heavily worn outer shoulders especially around a tight circuit like wakefield. The understeer is gonna chew them up. My advice would be just chew up some cheapies.

I have a set of camber bolts i can sell you and if you have any troubles with getting the adjustments done, the guy who sets up my car can do it.
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