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off the top of my head :
( so correct me if I'm wrong )

AF Ratio - Air / Fuel Ratio
Rich - Air / Fuel ratio of more fuel to air
Lean - Air / Fuel ratio of more air to fuel
Stoich - Air / Fuel ratio of 14.7/1 , is the ratio of complete combustion
ECU - Engine Control Unit
VAF - Vane (?) Air Flow meter
Hall Effect - Type of Crankshaft position sensor used in astinas. Uses pulses from metal fins passing a magnet
EGO or 02 sensor - Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor - amount of oxygen in exhaust, also known as Lambda Probe
Detonation/Knocking/PInging - Unstable combustion inside bore. DANGEROUS !!
ICV - Idle Control Valve - Valve on throttle body that allows air to bypass throttle butterfly
Closed Loop - Ecu controlled mixture adjustment, based on EGO sensor. Used when little or constant throttle is in use
Open Loop - Ecu mixture mode used to provide power and responsiveness
Adjust Timing - Adjust the point at which sparks fire in the engine cycle.
( and valves open ? but i only know 1 astina with adjustable cam gears, yes dan thats u :P )
Exhaust Backpressure - pressure of exhaust against rather than away from engine. Either by vacuum or restricted exhaust system
TDC - Cam centre point which timing is based on. Occurs after Exhaust valves open, and before Intake valves open. Usually with some overlap of openings
BTDC - Measurement of degrees before TDC
ATDC - Measurement of degrees after TDC
Exhuast/Intake Valve Duration - angles in degrees of which the exhaust or intake valve is open.
Tuned Length Extractors - Exhaust manifold with interconnecting pipes designed to create a low pressure at the time of exhaust valve opening to aid extract exhaust gasses from engine
Reverse Flow muffler - Muffler that forces exhaust thru an 'S' bend through dampening material
Straight Thru Muffler - Muffler with straight perforated pipe surrounded by dampening material
Dyno - Machine used to measure car/engine characteristics by simulating movement (ie lets wheels spin, but not move )
KW - Kilowatts - Measurement of power output by car.

enough for me. Not much point going into turbo/supercharger terminology too

Lol should i do this for audio too ? :wink:
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