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Originally Posted by ElvenMishi View Post
My astina has a FMIC from a subaru, 440cc injectors, large rotors front and rear.
The VJ23 seems very hard to comeby. Do you have any turbo in mind that's at the maximum volumetric effeciency limit of the BP? I value instant engine response but would like to improve top end power as a second priority.
Ok. Sounds like your brakes are sorted. Essentially, you have GTR injectors so again, that's sorted

Yes the GTR turbo is very hard to find but you can easily get a tried & true Garrett equivalent such as a GT2860RS. Or go better. There's more efficient Garrett's these days but the disco potato is a very good start! Most of these orig' GTR turbos are kept with engines as part of the powerplant. I will prolly sell mine as a package with my GTR engine.

Your BP is stock. Your limitation here is weak rods. If you run something as tuff as a VJ23, your over your limit right here! What box are you running? This is by far your immediate other limitation! Especially 3rd gear. Have you considered par? Over 200whp is too much imho for the engine & box in stock form.

What size is the FMIC? Most Soobs are TM.

Missed Matts post above. These are worth considering op
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