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how to solve excessive heat in engine bay ASTINA BA 1998

I recently fit 2.5L into my astina v6 BA 2.L 1998,
The engine bay is extremely hot which is not very healthy for a very hard working engine
I note when using aircond the twin radioator and air condition fan blown
Very very hot air to the back which does cool the engine
Bay in a way.

How do others solve this issue or just ignore it?, I am thinking of
Cutting vents on bonnet plus cutting large holes at upper part of front bumper
And fit grill mesh plus out addition manual switch to activate
The twin fan without using aircond??

Please share your thoughts
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Remove the rubber seat from the back of your bonnet.

Do not add mesh to your grille - it will restrict air more.

Cut a vent in your bumper between the lights.

Vent your bonnet.

Use spacer to lift your bonnet at the hinges.

Upgrade your radiator.

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Does the temperature gauge read hot? The engine is not air cooled and if you force too much air behind the radiator it will not work correctly.
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