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Replacing radio antenna

Hi all, how hard is it to replace the stock antenna on a bg? Mine's stuck out at full extension, so my car resembles an oversized RC toy. I'll be placing an order for a bunch of audio stuff and sound deadening with electus (the wholesaler who supplies jaycar) soon, so I figure I might as well get a new antenna too...
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can you hear the motor going? if so you may only need to replace the rope (the actual aerial bit) which isn't hard.

but to replace the whole thing is pretty easy (keep in mind this isn't astina specific its how you change aerials in general so some things may be different).

first need to get to the antenna behind the trim in your boot. then on top there the black thing that surrounds the antenna and covers the hole should unscrew (you may need pliers or vice grips to get this off). then got to the motor and unplug everything aerial lead, power/memory wires, drain tube (if it has one). then unscrew mounting bracket (or how ever it is held in). then just mount the new aerial in and connect everything up. with the power/memory wires if you get them around the wrong way the antenna will go up but not down.

hope this helps its probably different on the astina but they are simple im sure you can figure it out.
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No electric aerial in a bg that I'm aware of.

You will need to find where it goes up the pillar under the footwell and attach a draw wire to it. Unscrew the aerial from the roof and pull it out as it comes out it will pull up the draw wire with it. Putting a new one in is just a case of attaching the new coax to the draw wire and pulling back down and then plugging it all back together. Try and use some small rope something with a bit of strength as your draw wire or it will suck big time if it snaps. Hope this helps
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