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Emergency engine swap! FS-DE to FP-DE.


I've been lurking around for a bit meaning to post a little thread on my Laser, but hadn't got around to it.

I've got a 1999 KN Ford Laser Sedan GLXI 1.8 povo pack, so about a month ago now I brought an 02 Protege SP20 sedan for next to nothing, that was a repairable write-off.
Call me crazy or stupid but I wanted a challenge so I swapped the entire contents of the Mazda into my Ford to basically create a SR2 sedan.

Now I think the worst has occurred. Yesterday as I was driving home I noticed an odd sound, a clacking. I headed for the nearest car park and pulled over.
Popped to hood and had a look, the sound was becoming slowly more frequent and louder so I shut down the motor and got it towed home by the RACV.
I't pretty much sounds something is slapping around inside the engine, so I think its cactus, although I won't get any time to have a decent look till the weekend. I have managed to drain the oil, and there is no sign of anything metallic, so it could have eaten a VICS flap maybe?.

Anyway I need to know if I can drop the FP-DE back in and run it off the loom and ECU from the FS-DE.

I'm trying my best to research the answers but I need a car for work by next week, so I've really only got the weekend to throw a motor in until I can work things out a little further.
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ben carney
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Talk to Haighie,
We ran my FSZE off the 1.8ecu buy using the 1.8 intake mani and everything, so basically was a high comp fpde
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Mad Mat
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its doable.

just use all the 1.8 bits on the 2.0 block..

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Use everything From the 2LT and just put the FP engine in.

So using the FP engine and intake manifold.

But FS injectors and leave the FS AFM

Did you swap the exhaust to the 2lt exhaust ? If so either still use it and just block up the EGR or swap the exhaust back to the original.

This will get the car going again. But I'm not sure how it'll go running extra rich with the injectors being the 2LT (FS) 285cc ones. But to change out to the 1.8 (FP) 235cc injectors will stumble the ECU.

So just keep everything 2lt except of the engine and it take manifold and exhaust if you have the ability to swap.

But I would suggest trying to get a new FS-DE or import or source a FS-ZE better bang for your buck
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EGR system can swap over to the FP-DE intake manifold.. just remove the block off plate and it all bolts on
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