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Thanks mate!

What is everyone using? 55w or 35w?

Can anyone recommend an ebay seller?

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this is a great thread, and very helpful for the simplest way of getting decent lights on a BA Astina. I have leaned that not all hid globes claiming to be H3 are actually H3 in physical dimensions of the glass. The centre of light emission of a H3 globe HAS TO BE THE SAME as the stock halogen globe. This is most important. If the centre of light emission is too deep into the projector compared to the stock globe, the optics of the projectors cant project all the light forward onto the road properly. If you have hid light globes (or any other sort) that dont work properly, try putting spacers between the base of the globe and the headlight globe socket to pull the cente of light emission back to where it should be and see if that improves things. The globe has to be properly located at the precisely correct depth within the projector, other wise the light will be out of focus. This is true of cheap chinese hid globes and led globes that claim to be H3 globes but only have H3 bases but with no consideration given to the H3 dimensions of the glasss and or the actual position of the centre of light emission of the globe. Its really important I have learned.
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