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2001 SP20 Cranks but not starting

Hi everyone, I've searched this forum and Google and can't find a similar post, so am adding a new thread. My 2001 Manual SP20 has an intermittent issue where it will crank but not fire. A month ago I pulled the engine fuse 10A, cycled it and then reinstalled and it came good, now that doesn't work. There are no codes. Now it will start in the cool of the morning and run fine, but in the hot afternoon it won't start. I had RACV take a look and it started for them. Fuel pump had power, coils had intermittent power for him but then was fine. I drove it to my mechanic 40mins away and it ran fine, he serviced it, checked all sorts of things and I drove it home with no problem. Now it is doing the start in the cold but not when the temp gets above about 27 outside! It has only ever done this when parked at the front of my house. Any ideas???
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Maybe someone cam confirm but wouls it be a coil pack problem ?
I know with the SP20's its a common issue, they play up some cars you can tell straight away and some are bit harder because the coil pack works but at times plays up.

So my guess would be the coil pack or coils.
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Check if you have spark while cranking. Check if you fuel pump works when turning key to ignition.

My guess it's the main relay. Install a new main relay and see if that helps. Number 4 in the diagram below.

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Car: 2001 SP20
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Thanks guys, the main relay was already replaced and no codes on the ecu. There was an intermittent loss of power to the coils. Replaced the crank angle sensor today and will test when the weather gets warm again. We sat it in the sun today as it usually breaks down when the weather is hot and runs again in the morning when it's cold, but didn't play up...
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