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Gearbox help with 323 astina gt

Hi guys im pretty sure im going to be in need of a new gearbox for my astina gt (developed weird vibrating noise when accelerating heavy and turning around a corner at speed and is very prominent while driving uphill and turning corners under load) .. i have checked the cv's and wheel bearing and they seem fine but when i spun the tire while it was jacked the diff seemed to have alot of play in it .. even when in gear and also sounded clunky so im guessing its a shot diff

my question is what gearbox can i buy to replace .. the model number is BG but its a 1800 (obviously because a gt :P) but could i get a 1600 bg gearbox to replace it. if so what parts will i need from the 1600 bg

as far as i have found out the flywheel and clutch and pressure plates are different? (1600 being smaller clutch) are the cv's the same ? mounts ext?

Any info about this would be great .. or maybe direct me to a post that has the info im lookin for

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