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Opinions please...

Hi all..

I own a 94 BJ, unfortunatly i had an accident a week ago and went up someones arse...

the only damage seems to panel work (right fender and Bonnet) and minor engine isues...
(when i say minor i mean the engine starts perfectly everytime but it doesnt drive, on account of a loud clunking sound when I push the accellerator.. probly drive shaft issues)

So heres my problem... i cant seem to find parts easily for it.. but it can be fixed..

So what should i do? i'm asking the people of WA for thier opinions? should i try fixing it? and if so does anyone know any good places to get panels and parts for it? should i wreck it? i'm sure fellow perth people like me would love the parts from it...

Please let me know what you think
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BJ models were from 98-03.
BA models were from 94-98.
BG models were from 89-94. which you got?

what did you pay for the car? or what is the current value of the car before the crash?

sounds like i'd right it off though if it has panel and gearbox issues.

i'm guessing the diff has cracked in the smash.


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if you decided to fix it, i know a place that might have parts(last time i went there, they got heaps parts for mazda)

Sports Auto Wreckers
2/4 durham rd, bayswater WA 6053
Tel: 08 9272 8674

Briffa Engineering-House Of custom
For Most Of Your Performance Need & More

BPT powered BG Astina
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Car: 323 astina 94 (bj i think?)
Posts: 13
ok, sorry.. its a BA 1994..
.. i checked..

ok the damage is mainly confined to the front drivers side fender and bonnet..
it has knocked the strut out a little bit but hasnt damaged the strutt it self...

The front drivers side skirt rail at the very front corner (where the DS headlights were) is pushed back but any enthuist could find a way to bend that back into place...

Besides that the damage did not reach into the engine bay so all the main engine mechanics looks physically untouched..

ok so that a better description.. i'll try and get some photos up later if i can

Thanx all,lwt us know what u think
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if its knocked the strut out that would have damaged the cv's and driveshaft. that maybe the cause of the clunking sound.
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