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SP20 Rear Sway Bar Endlinks

Hi guys, another newbie question for you all.

I had a progress rear sway bar shipped over last year and I am looking to get a set of heavy duty end links to go in at the same time.

Looking at whiteline, they have 2 different sizes: a 160mm & 190mm, both fitting a 323 BJ, but it doesn't tell me why there are 2 sizes?

It it a Astina v Protege thing, or a BJ v BJII, or what?

I measured one on my car and it's 160mm between the bolts.
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BJ1 323 is longer then all SP20’s and BJII

Not that i’ve actually messured the rear end links, but are you sure thats the listing for the rear ???

I know thats the lenght’s for the front end links, but not sure on the rear,

But if you want actual heavy duty endlinks, the only good thing pedders do is a cut to lenght end link about $70 from memory, and it is by far the strongest avaliable end link there is, woith out going for the $180 superpro adjustable ones
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Get the length that matches you current links.

The reason there are different length for various BJ models is that they had different mounting tab locations on the shock tubes through various years.
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