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BJII SP20 Suspension - Track focused

Looking for some current wisom on suspension, specifically springs.

Would like lower & somewhat stiffer, handling is no. 1, comfort is less of a priority as I bought the car primarily for motorsport (mostly circuit), still need to drive it to the track, though and I have started driving it around dailyish, its just too much fun not to!

Another q: Does say 30m lower spring for a 323 still get you ~30m lower on a SP20?

I've looked through the last 10 years of threads, but most were based on being a daily driver.

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I'm not an expert on this, but I understand there are (were) a lot of bolt-on suspension/chassis goodies for our cars for the weekend track warrior type. Mostly rare now and hard to find even in Japan. There are a few guys on a US based forum that track their SP20's (known as the Mazda P5 in the states). I'd join the mazda247.com forum and read, read, read the Protege5 section before committing to buying anything.

There's a lot of guys on that forum that could help with your track day SP20 enquiries. A few guys have built exactly what you intend to do.

See this thread for one option on suspension goodness!


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Bigger rear swaybar, some decent springs, and some camber bolts. That's all you need.

Height-wise they're all the same, but the Japanese springs actually have softer spring rates for the lesser models.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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