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ABOUT: Recommended Performance + Maintenance Companies

This thread is for if you'd like to recommend a business/company that you've had good dealings with in relation to your car.

Posting Rules
ONLY positive posts will be allowed.
Multiple companies per post is fine
No negative feedback will be involved in discussions, only good references.
Any flame posts or offtopic talk will be deleted
There will be only one stickied thread in each of the 'Performance and Technical' sections for companies relevant to that section
If you have an objection to a post, please email webmaster AT astinagt dot com - don't just post flaming reply.

Post format: (copy and paste)


Contact Person:

Location/Address: (don't forget a state!)

Phone Number:

Work Carried Out: (on your car)

Recommended Why?: (good price, friendly service etc)

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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Company: J&S Autocare
Contact Person: Steve or Joseph
Location/Address: Brendale, Brisbane, Qld
Phone Number: www.whitepages.com.au
Work Carried Out: Maintenance et al
Recommended Why?: Steve is a very close family friend of mine. Mention my name and he and Joseph will look after you. Also, both Steve and Joseph did their apprenticeship through grand pricks mazda at aspley and they know mazdas inside out
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Red Frog
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Company: Mazda/Ford Dealership - Spare Parts
Contact Person: Steve (in Parts)
Location/Address: Pacific Hwy, Waitara, NSW
Phone Number: 9372 3092 (Parts Department)
Work Carried Out: N/A
Recommended Why?: Ask for Steve. He is extremely helpful and will give you the advice you need on spare parts. He knows his stuff, in comparison to other Mazda dealerships, and gets you the best price possible. Bcos i can swap b/t Mazda & Ford parts, he always gets the part that's the cheapest. A really honest, down to earth bloke, who's not going to rip you off. AND he'll have a good chat to you about things Just an all round nice bloke.
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Company: A&J Performance
Website: www.ajperformance.com.au
Work Carried Out: N/A
Recommended Why?: Because i know the owner nar they have really good products and you cant beat the full carbon kits.. they are the big big supplier of kits.. and i was in his V-spec 2 Nur 34GTR hehe

Team AJ Member PM 4 details
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The Architect
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Thumbs up

Company: Integra Automotive
Contact Person: Ed or Anthony
Caltex Service Station
LaytonDrv 1 Suraci Pl
Queanbeyan 2620 NSW (Its 5mins drive from Fyshwick ACT)
Phone Number: 02 6232 9329
Work Carried Out: Strip the heads of the Miller Cycle engine sent them to pro-engines to have a valve replaced. He put everything back together and then fixed the vac leak problems I had for no charge. Any mechanic who has worked on the Miller Cycle knows how much a pain in the arse it it...
Recommended Why?: Excellent work, honest. Fair prices and sticks to how much is quoted. Can be slow when busy but I have found this with all good mechanics. They are performance mechanics but are happy to do the smallest jobs but have the knowledge if you wanna go fast.
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Car: 323 BA Hardtop
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Company: Brisbane Tuning and Turbo Centre

Contact Person:

17 Nile St
QLD, 4102

Phone Number: (07) 3393 1588

Work Carried Out: Regular Service x 2

Recommended Why?:
First time I put it in for a service and just for giggles they put it on the dyno and tuned her. No mods at that stage but felt brilliant, could really notice the change. Never had a service like it before.

Second time, they put her on the dyno again, this time with a K&N pod and lukey exhaust installed. Told me they got a few more ponies out of her and that I should be happy. I was!!!

They are very reasonably priced. In my opinion you would be hard pressed to find better.

Brisbane Tuning and Turbo
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Car: mx-6 626 Gs300 Maz2 was 95 KF BA-HT
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Company:http://www.heasmans.com.au/ Heasmans

Contact Person: Ask for Peter Generally but all the guys are great

Location/Address: Heasman Steering
455-463 Princes Highway
(cnr Railway Road)
Sydenham NSW 2044
tel (02) 9557 3739
fax (02) 9550 3270

Phone Number:tel (02) 9557 3739
fax (02) 9550 3270

Work Carried Out: Which car is the question - did my whole MX-6. total front end rebuild etc. Excellent.
But recently on the Astina Ba hardtop- correct it's massive camber problem with Camber kits and full front & rear alignment.

Recommended Why?: For me They are the best. They don't stuff you around, and prices are very reasonable. Some say expensive but IMO if your going to put into it a large amount of money into your suspension you want a decent alginment and not crap.
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Major servie and tune up required !!!!

hello folks could you guys recommend me with a good place to service my car,I own a mazda astina 323 astina 97' manual transmission....i live in Oakleigh East,Victoria state !!!! I need to do a major service and checkup....

Your help will be very much appreciated

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any one know any in Adelaide pm me back thanks
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Has anyone had anything to do with millenium motorsports in bris (qld) or
6boost in toowoomba (qld) i am looking at getting work done at these places just want to know what they are like
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I have heard nothing but good words coming from 6Boost in Toowoomba, making awesome turbo exhaust manifolds for XR6 Turbo's...
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Car: 1998 Toyota Supra 3.0L Twin Turbo
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Company: Wallsend Mufflers, Auto Air and Radiators (A1 Exhausts)

Contact Person: Richard Turner

Location/Address: Unit 2, 48 George Street, Wallsend, NSW, 2287

Phone Number: 02 49516375

Work Carried Out: Sports Exhaust System on my car

Recommended Why?: Great service, very friendly and helpful. Great prices too.
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