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hello from new york, have i found the right place?

I've recently got my hands on a 88 323 GTX and have been looking for places with info as in the US they are pretty scarce. it seems you guys may have some of the answers!

anyway i'm a car nut at heart have owned a wide gambit of imports from japan

in the past i've had, integra, 3 rx-7's, 2 protege5's, 2 STi's, FR-S, S2000

and now currently i'm driving an 18' Sti and an 84 RX-7

back to my current issue, I got this GTX and it needs a little work, brakes mostly, engine is great but the brakes need an overhaul, my goal is to figure out what normal style brakes i can swap on to it to get rid of these impossible to work on brakes, hope to see you guys around!

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