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Wheels for SP20

Hi Guys,

Been starting to consider options for a second set of 16" rims, to fit some sticky track rubber on.

Found this link on eBay to a set from an MPV:

Kinda looks like a 16" version of the Mazdaspeed Familia rims, just in silver.
I'm not keen to be paying postage, so I'd rather hunt around SA for some if possible. anyone know if they could be found on other models as OEM?
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Yer they're fairly different, can see the similarity,

16" is a hard size to look for regarding decent sizes, mostly15" then 17" onwards, 16" is a real dead size.

If you plan on tracking the car, then try keep in mind the weight, that plays a massive part in handling
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If you're going to track it, stick with15s or 17s. 16s are hard to get decent tyres for, as Andrew said.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I have already since this bought a set of 16"s, as I didn't want to go down to 15" (might be thinking of going bigger brakes down the track) and 17" and up tyres seem to start jumping up in price, and 17"s would be heavier.

I already know Nankang do both the NS-2R and AR-1 semi-slicks in the right size, which I can source locally, and have already had very good performance on other cars.

I am also already planning on weight reductions soon, as it seems these cars are a little porkier than I had originally thought.

Will have to take some pictures when I've got them fitted.
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