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Calling all 323 drivers

Hi guys
My name is Jake and I’ve owned a SP20 Protégé for about a year now and it is my absolute favourite car, I’m only new to this forum but I’m hoping you’ll accept me in the 323 fam.
I’m not sure if this is to worldwide or just Australia, but I was wondering... why don’t we have a car meet? We’ll all meet up, go cruise together. Bring your friends, bring your Mazda 323! If you want to do this shoot a reply and let’s get this happening. We all drive the same type of amazing car and how good would it be if there were at least 50 all together
Tell us where your from and we can work on a location and a time
I’m from Newcastle NSW if anyone is wondering 🙂
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Welcome to AGT

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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Welcome To AstinaGT

Honestly I haven't heard of anyone doing a cruise here for years but heard the AstinaGT page on Facebook do organise cruises (just what I've heard) I haven't checked because for some reason I can't open that Facebook page.
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