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Cool what can i do FOR POWER

hay all i have a stock mazda familia GTX turbo 1.8 in my ba astina what mods can i do to get more power i got a intercooler and pod filter is there anything more i can do ALSO CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THAY HAVE DONE TO THERE STOCK MOTOR AND WHAT KWS THAY GOT
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jump onto ford laser... see what guys have done there...theyve all got small mods and range upto the full blown mods what are you after?
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stop yelling mate ! lowercase is just fine

turbo upgrade is a solid bet. You can hybrid a larger turbo with the exhaust side of the standard one to create a practical bolt-on solution , or get a new manifold and dump made up for a different turbo.

With a free flowing exhaust ( 2.5" seems fine for most people )
Aftermarket ECU will get you great results too as long as its tuned well ( $$ ).

combine that with some bigger injectors when / if you need to start flowing that kind of fuel. The BA fuel pump will handle quite a fair bit too.

Also make sure your pod is being fed by a cold air duct so that its not sucking in hot air from the engine bay.

Work out how much $$ you want to spend, justified against how much extra power is practical for your typical driving . There's no point throwing 10k into big upgrades to just drive it on suburban streets , for example
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