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hi my mazda pepz A freind of mine told me today to get a unichip put in my car just want to no if its good and how much and if it is worth it
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imo far better options out there
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there was a debate on the chips vs ECU on here a while back, imo the price vs payoff of the ECU was far greater than a piggy back chip.
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I had a unichip in my BJ 1.8. Kept stalling at idle when hot, at startup or even as the revs dropped while doing a u-turn in busy traffic, which of course kills the power steering and brake boost. Not fun. The tuner tried hard, but could not fix it, so it was removed. It might work fine for you, but the unichip can only be tuned by the dealer, which may or may not be a problem, depending how much you fiddle with your car.

I then got an emanage ultimate which is a very capable unit. It works even though the FP/FS engine isn't supported, but it has it's problems(as does the Mazda PCM). I would now much rather have a good standalone.
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