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BA Ticking Lifters

G'day, I recently did an oil change hoping to soften the noise of my ticking lifters. However, this made it kinda worse. I know it doesn't do much damage, if any, to the engine. It just drives me nuts. Also put in Liqui Moly Tappet noise stop which worked only for a few days. Should I look at getting the lifters adjusted/replaced or is there something else I could try?
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Lifters can be refurbed/cleaned.
Did this with 2 sets so far. You can pull them apart, clean them out, reassemble and refill them. Better than cheapo crap quality repro parts (which can break).
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Sometimes (I know its not ideal) but with older engine if you use a thicker oil it helps.
What brand oil did you use ? 15/40 ? 20/50 ?
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Couple of options depending on how deep your pockets are.
You could strip them out and clean them then put new cams in when reassembling.
Replace with Mx5 solid lifters and put in new cams
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If you have a 1997 Astina as per you profile. You have solid lifters, not HLAs. So nothing you do oil wise or cleaning will stock the ticking. You need to open up the engine and check tolerances between the camshaft and the lifter shim.
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Best option is to take out 1/4 oil from your sump and top up with a 1/4 of oil of diesel. Then start and run your engine for two minutes do not rev the engine. Then drain your oil with and replace with fresh oil and hope fully the noise should go away.
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