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Smile Hi there!


Newbie here.

My name is Nicole, my day job is an engineer but I'm a beginner when it comes to cars. I have had a 2002 Astina BJ hatch for about a year and a half. I love it (perfect size for me and two mutts) but it has its fair share of issues.

Whenever I have a problem with my car I do a bunch of research and try to figure it out myself before resorting to taking it to a mechanic (recently did spark plugs for the first time, yay). It helps me learn and each time I get a little bit better.

I have a current issue with bubbling/boiling in the coolant reservoir, which I noticed yesterday after driving home from work. I'm going to search this forum for ideas and spend today diagnosing the problem. Wish me luck!

- Nicole
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Welcome to AGT

Sounds like it might be a head gasket that's warped. Check if your oil is milky.

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Car: 2002 Mazda 323 Astina BJ Hatch
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Thanks for your reply and the advice I'm happy to report the oil looks great.

I've got a bit more investigating to do but I'll start a new thread on it if needed.
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Hey Nicole amd welcome to AGT good to see you getting in to it,

The issue will be your radiator cap, take it off and i’m pretty sire the center of the cap will be missing,

It prevents the cooling system from pressurising and allowing tit to boil when there’s no flow.

If the cap is good them the thermostat will be shot,

But i’m betting in the cap
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