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So... Pulled Over by the Police...

So, last night coming home from work, came up past ingle farm shopping centre got "spotted" by police... got pulled over at grand junction intersection, and got told i was doing 85... :/ pretty sure i was doing 70... told me i was going much faster than the "white astina"... was actually a white mondeo... but didnt want to point that out... dude walked round my car twice with flash light, looked at the intercooler a couple times (its black and a xr6 one) so, dont know what went through his mind, told me to take off number plate cover, and away i was ... no fine for "speeding" or cover over plate... apparently a couple hundred dollar fine for anything *clear* over a number plate?...


its good to have a bit of a sleeper going.
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Wow... close call...

Po po are very very cash strapped in SA atm... In the last 3 weeks I've been pulled over as many times and each time for doing absolutely nothing, to also be given a hard time and fined on one occasion...

Bucketing down with rain 3 weeks ago, I had my fog lights on in the Lex when they decide to pull me over and tell me that my bog stock lights are deemed as high beams and issue me a $265 fine...
I was very displeased and ended up doing a massive snakey down the street in front of them in protest (somehow they let me off with that - I guess that was deemed safe and the foggies were unsafe)
Go figure... I hate this police state!

And on another occasion I got pulled over on grand junction road as I allegedly took the turning left slip lane a bit quick... (prob around 50ish which was perfectly safe under the circumstance). This cop then had the nerve to tell me that it was dangerous due to the amount of "p!ssed and sh!t drivers in the area"... I kid you not, that's exactly what he said...
My response to that was naturally "well why is it you're busting my balls then!?!!!"
Honestly, if he patrols the area and knows of drunk and shocking drivers that are constantly around there, why would he pull ME over, look over my car, give me a hard time and accuse me of speeding which I was NOT, and subsequently denied, write me a warning and just be a general nuisance while there is drunk and incompetent drivers going around...

I have a massive massive problem with the majority of the traffic police and the sorts of crap they enforce now...

Also, you know how all those backlogged fines (some 28,000) of them were sent out a couple of weeks ago dating back to over a year ago due to a "computer glitch"
I bet they're manufuctured for the sake of creating cash flow and aren't actual legit notices...
This government is cooked and seriously cash strapped...

Last 2ish months has seen so much police activity, and they are fining people left right and center for either absolute crap or for invented crap.

But that's my little rant over.

"Amateurs practice until they get it right."
"Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong."
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I got stopped a few months ago after being flashed by about 15 cars warning me that there was a cop ahead.
I slowed to 55 in a 60 zone before where he was hiding and was pulled over by the cop and he said do you know how fast you were going and I said, yes I know exactly as I had my GPS and my phone running at the time on record mode. and had looked at the speedo.
I asked what speed he thought I was doing and he replied 76km/hr to which I laughed and said got any proof as I have my GPS, phone and speedo which all said 55.
He said I have my radar gun to which I replied please show me proof that its me you clocked and not someone else as gun has no time or picture on it.
I said that I believed my GPS was more accurate than his radar gun and that my recorded log on my phone would prove in court that he was lying.
I also said that 15 cars had flashed me warning that he was ahead so I had slowed down to well below the limit.
I also asked to see his previous ticket to make sure it wasn't 76 km/hr.
He then told me to drive slower in future and to have a good night and to go home.
Made me wonder how many other people get booked that way as radar guns take no picture, dont have a time stamp or leave a mark on your car.
TBH they have no real proof.
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I've had the same issue, I was driving through the hills a couple of weeks ago, and there had been an oil spill, so I slowed down to 35, even though the limit was 40. Come round a bend and one cop car is sitting in the middle of the road, and the other one is yelling at me to pull over.
Being a P plater, I was ****ting myself haha! I co-operated with the guy even though he was insisting I was doing over the limit (he had no radar or anything, he was going on guesswork). I had 2 cops, one was giving me a lecture, the other was walking around my car with a torch looking for defects, found none. They let me off with nothing, cause they had... NOTHING!
I've noticed the same things, they are pinning you for very little thing these days! I got rear ended over a month ago, and the driver drove off so i made a report... still waiting to hear from them! Over this state too, it's all about the money, not safety anymore!
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looks like we are heading towards the day when we all will need 4 cameras in our cars
front, rear and sides

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I got RBT'd twice in under a min on Sat night... First cop clearly didn't believe the zero rating and got one of the other cops further down in the line of 10 or so to test me again..

Apparently I'm still that kid who no one trusts...
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"P" no longer stands for Probationary... it now stands for "Pick on Me"
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well, dont let me start...
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Cops can be assholes sometimes but most I've run into have been decent enough. I got pulled up about 12 times in the first 2 weeks I had the 3kgt, a couple were just to ask what car it was and what it was like.

Generally if you know your stuff and they've got no photo or solid evidence you can drive away without a fine.
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lol that comment was funny as
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