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Smile Hey guys, New to forum. Do you guys Accept Eunos?

Hey there!
I have no idea if there is a group for Eunos and you guys seemed awesome so hopefully its cool.

I drive a Eunos 30X and If you are from Sydney, Where is a good place to get my car fixed up or worked on? I been quoted $1400 for both rear shock absorbers at Artarmon and thought that's freaken expensive?
Or is that pretty much standared pricings?

Cheers All

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Of course you're welcome

That's seems pretty pricey - especially if it's OEM-type ones.

A set of coilovers for the whole car is cheaper than that.

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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Welcome to AGT mate.
We don’t really but i’m sure we can make an allowance hahah.

No your more then welcome, the more the merrier.

As rupe said, thats pretty pricey,

Was that installed also lr just the parts ???

Even if it was installed just for the rear thats about 2x what i would concider reasonable.
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