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Radiator fan not turning off

Hi guys

I havenít posted here in quite a while - since I bought my astina, tbh. This forum was a big help in picking a decent one.

My little red rocket (97 BA, 1.8L) seems to not like turning off its radiator fan. I came back to a flat battery at the train station last night. I think the radiator fan didnít turn off when I parked in the morning, and I didnít hear the whir due to rushing and the traffic noise.

The reason I think this is because itís has happened once before at home - I ended up taking the fan fuse out to stop it. And once I got it home last night after a jump start the fan stayed on when the engine was turned off. To stop it running I had to take out the fuse again. I took the fuse out at the station this morning as well just in case...

Has anyone had this happen to them? Iím a google mechanic at best - I understand how most of the car works, but donít have much idea about what the actual parts look like. My guess is that thereís a temperature sensor, switch or solenoid that intermittently jams, but Iím not sure exactly what to look for.

Thanks for any help.
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