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[color=#000000ost_uid0]thanx guys,
I had a great day.
Weather was perfect, the roads were good with LOTS of twisties.

Its a shame my car isnt in the great shape it could've been. clutch is getting dodgy etc, but she made it !
I just had to be careful and take it a bit slower than i would normally. And the 2 new tyres from the day before had to be run in a bit.

Was really good to meet and chat with the ppl who turned up.

And great fun to go thru the dirt roadworks just after washing the car that morning ::

Cant wait tilll the next one !

[ Turbo BA ]
see my readers ride
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I MUST STOP MAKING STUPID POSTS! Yet I keep on making them. And I wonder why I get banned?
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another melbourne astina social event coming up in just a matter of days! please check the new post!

cheers mike[/colorost_uid0]
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Cosmo Dude
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[color=#810541ost_uid0]Can someone help ??? ???

I've got some pics of the cruise but need some help posting them as I don't have ready access to web space at present ??? [/colorost_uid0]
My 'stina Hatch
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