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Angry F#@K central coast roads

here is a pick of what a pothole can do to your rims had there rims for 2 weeks http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...type=1&theater

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if you have low profile tyres, you need to run much higher pressures in order to avoid rim and tyre damage
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Dw man, had my rims for 1 week when some road collapsed beneath the rear right when turning a corner due to flooding.
Took the paint off the entire way around.
These things happen. Sucks but
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Don't know how thin your tyres are a good 45 series on a good quality rim will take a Massive pounding. be out of balance and shake over 115km/h but no long term damage.

Go into the 40-35 series tyres or Stretch tyres to fit wide rims so it don't rub or save money. Your going to find bent rims often.

Some rims will just flat spot more so then others.
Even some expensive BMW rims with 45 series on say 5 and 7 series have been known to buckle just because of the light weght desgin. With out even hitting major holes.

I hit a hole every day because it's hard to avoid in traffic and to be ohnest I dont care. I built the car to take the holes. But I know it's nasty because most other cars I've used on that road you have to avoid or take slow - it's about 7 inch deep and Concreate. everytime they patch it one rain storm and the trucks eat at it. It's a very bad cycle with the climate change issue - varying weather conditions = more and more poor roads. No one can put enough money to fix them quickly enough. Well not with out raising taxes or putting more tax on road transport - that will never happen again.
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I have 35series with slight stretch.
Only reason why it took the paint off is because the tyres I have are a straight wall (no gutter saver) and outer lip sticks out by about 3mm.
Also, if you have decent quality rims, and you have a good quality tyre with a strong sidewall, and you have them to the correct pressure. you shouldn't have any issues bending rims.
I have hit fairly big potholes before, no issues.
However drive around on Nankang 35's
Or other cheap crappy brand tyres. Won't last long at all.
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I've destroyed a rim and split it on Tumbi road,

Council didn't do anything, pretty much told me stiff **** and was my choice to run non standard tyres.
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Central Coast roads are terrible!

Can't see the photo but I hope you get it all fixed without hassles asap!
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