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1993 Mazda Astina 323 SP
Bits and Peices Going On.
Scored From DIY Auto's a Mazda OEM Phillips Double Din With Graphics Equalizer.
New BG OEM intake pipe installed.
Front Bumper Taken off a car at Pick A Part.
Original Bar Taken Off.
Put new front bar on with orginal paint.
Mate caught me in Docklands, Melbourne took an awesome rolling image of the car.  
Wheels on, MazdaSpeed Genuine BG Muffler installed also. 
Genuine Australian Delivered Radio Harnesses
Now Reburbished And Functioning Like New.
Phillips Original Radio Not Working As Of Yet Had Some Issue With the Tape Dec.
Wheels on As Well As New Left Hand Front Guard.
MazdaSpeed Genuine MS-03's 
About to go on.

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