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  1. asanga
    09-02-2010 11:39 PM
    I'll see what I can do....but cant promise you anything! there is a post with pics I did showing both series 1/2 and series 3 ecu's. series 3 has 3 slots on ECU side but only 2 are used for manual (i.e only 2 plugs in the harness) and the centre one is for automatic trans. series 1/2 has 4 slots on ECU side and harness has 3 plugs in the harness.
  2. mingrey
    09-02-2010 11:24 PM
    Good day! I'm currently in need of manuals and supplement wiring diagrams for a BPZE that I'm currently swapping into my BJ. I saw your post on one thread that you have those manuals. Hope you can help me out on this one man!

    BTW, my ECU has 3 plugs. So I guess that makes it a series 1/2.

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