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danu91 16-09-2020 11:58 AM

Aircon problem over 4500 RPM
Hi guys,

I'm having some aircon cutoff issues in my 1993 Astina BA (1800cc)

It works fine when sitting in traffic and driving below 4500RPM, but as soon as I go over 4500rpm, air starts to get warm. I live in Bangkok, so cannot survive without a good a/c. Even when it's working, it's not very strong.

I've already replaced the compressor (stock rebuilt one) and pressure tested it, changed gas, changed o-rings and cleaned the whole system. Also I'm running a HKS F-con pro 3.24 ECU, so I don't have high rpm a/c cut-off via the ECU.

I saw in the Miata forum that some people recommend to change to sanden 508 compressor.

Is this something you guys have experienced as well? Any solutions?

Thanks for the help guys!

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