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Thumbs up Mazda 100th Anniversary “Legendary Mazdas favorite voting” final results. Lantis 1st

As part of Mazda's 100th Anniversary they conducted a fan poll called Legendary Mazdas favorite voting” final results. Posting the results as pictures. Hope you can see them, but if you can't:

Mazda Lantis, 1st, 1,032,072 votes
Autozam Az-1, 2nd, 424,643 votes
Mazda Rx-8, 3rd, 14,676 votes
Mazda 787B, 4th, 13,704 votes
Ɛ̃FINI RX-7, 5th, 8,276 votes
Link to Legendary Mazdas favorite voting Website
Did anyone on this board vote?
Asking for a friend.

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