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Originally Posted by Rupewrecht View Post
They're a 7.5 +50, right?

Needs a spacer to make it closer to +40 or even +35.


But problem is the outside edge of tyre is rubbing on top inside well, if I put a spacer won't that make it worse or same ? Because the edge towards strut/shock is fine and cleared and not rubbing that side, it's the one closer to the guard, so a spacer would make it stick out more. Plus I don't like to use spacer if I use the car with kids in it, I mean it'll probably be fine but I feel uncomfortable.

I know this might sound stupid but I lowered the back only and left the front standard height springs, would that play a part on anything maybe ? I've lowered the fronts last week yet to try the wheels with front and rear lowered.

And I just picked up a set of 17" Mazda 6 wheels, might put some 215/40 pr 205/40, either one I put it should equal out pretty much the diameter of the standard 16" wheels and tyres so I should have no headaches.
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