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wat engine to swap into a 1.6l bj astina ???

i dunno if i wanna swap engines but i was wondering wat could fit straight in ... thanks
what do i do when i have no money to do up my car ? .................... gigalo ?

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a BPT wouldnt be difficult - could even be the same mounts as the 1.6L

otherwise there's the 1.8 or 2.0L but i wouldnt do that. your money would be better spent on a turbo or something for the 1.6

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Sell it and get an SP.

IIRC you cant swap a motor that is older then the build date of the car and register it for street use. Dunno how true that is but I seem to remeber reading it somewhere.
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Cosmo Dude
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The 1.3 and 1.5 from the 121 bubble will prety much bolt straight up ..|..
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if you want extra power bolt on the 1.5L from that series... this one had variable valve timing...

Jynx, you can put in any engine, as long as you can get it engineered... with you guys changing that engine, is a simple engine change, and requires no further engineering - just a RTA notification... BUT having never done this i could be wrong

if your gonna do it i'll present you the options
Turbo your current block
engine change to the 1.5 VVT engine
engine change to the 1.8/2.0 engine
engine change to the american 2.0T
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Polution regulations are always changing from series to series, eg, BG, BJ, BA etc etc, so if you want to put in an engine from an older series, you have to ensure that the engine has the same polution regulations as YOUR particular model. To do this, yes you have to get it engineered and also full RTA inspected which includes all polution tests. The cost involved is massive.

Easier just to put in a newer or same series engine....not worth backdating engines. :wink:
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