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When one reads the passages where Isma'il (= Ishmael, peace be upon him) is mentioned, one will see quite obvious indications of corruption:

The reason is also obvious: The Jewish elite were racists (that's obvious from a lot of passages in the Bible itself) and thought that Prophethood could only apply to themselves and tried to extinguish any passages, which establish Prophethood for other than them.

- An example would be that in Genesis 16 an angel appears to Hagar and gives her the glad tidings that she will have a son with the name Ishmael and then ends up telling her that he will be a wild donkey of a man, which does not make any sense in the context of the glad tidings given to her.
The stranger thing is that if one just changes the vowels in Hebrew (such that the written word remains the very same word!), then the meaning becomes completely in-line with the context and that is being fruitful. What is even stranger is that this is the very reading found in the Samaritan Torah!

- Another example is that in Genesis 21 it's claimed that Ishmael (peace be upon him) - who must have been a youngster at that time - was mocking Isaac (peace be upon him) - who was a little child - and that's why Sarah asked Abraham (peace be upon him) to send Ishmael and his mother away [to the desert].
Now the really strange thing is that when it's described how Hagar and her son are in the desert, every single description connected to Ishmael (peace be upon him) indicates him to be a LITTLE CHILD and NOT a youngster in any way or form as the Jewish racists who played around with these passages like us make to believe.

This is very important, because it means that significant changes have been made to these passages in order to justify the belief that only the children of Isaac (peace be upon him) were blessed and part of the eternal covenant of God.

- What is even stranger is that according to the same Bible the lineage of Ishmael (peace be upon him) is also blessed (see Genesis 17) and that they will be a great nation (and this passage indicates towards Prophethood being amongst them!), but the racist Jews could not hold themselves back from diminishing the rank of Ishmael even in this context and acted as if the covenant only applies to their branch.
To their dismay the gematria - which is a tool that these Jews use for understanding these texts, because they themselves have invented this tool in order to hide specific things from other people - of this passage even contains the very number of the name our noble Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

These issues are nowhere simple coincidence, rather they indicate towards corruption at the hands of the Jews.

{ And [mention, O Muḥammad], when Abraham was tried by his Lord with words [i.e., commands] and he fulfilled them. [Allāh] said, "Indeed, I will make you a leader for the people." [Abraham] said, "And of my descendants?" [Allāh] said, "My covenant does not include the wrongdoers." }

[English interpretation of the Aya 2:124 of the noble Qur`an]

So while in the Bible precedence is given to people simply based upon their race, the Qur`an gives precedence based upon righteousness.
It should be obvious what is important in the sight of God.

And by the way: Does God BLESSING Ishmael (peace be upon him) and making him a great nation mean that he and his offspring will be a bunch of pagans and disbelievers?! Please use a little bit common sense.

As for Paran, then it's the place where Ishmael (peace be upon him) and his offspring lived and this according to the Bible itself.

حمزة يحرج زائر أمام زوجته ويفضح كذبة حرية التعبير عند الغرب


بوذي يتناسى ما يحدث للمسلمين الروهينجا من قبل البوذيين ويسأل منصور: أين الحب والسلام عند المسلمين؟


هاشم ينسف عقيدة مسيحيين | إله لكنه ليس إلهاً


فتاة عمرها 14 انجليزية أسلمت من قبل والحين 17 - قمة جديدة - شمسي #sfdawahArabic #Sfdawah#

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1 - The Almighty said: (Then He turned to the sky when it was smoke) separated 11:

- Made these verses in the conference's scientific miracle of the Qur'an, which was held in Cairo, and when he heard a Japanese professor (Yoshidi Kosei) that verse got surprised and said, did not reach science and scientists to the stunning fact only recently, after the cameras caught the satellite strong images and movies live show and a star is composed of a large mass of thick dark smoke and then had (if our information, the former by these movies and live images were based on false hypotheses that the sky was fog) and said (this may be added to the miracles of the Quran miracle Amazing confirmed that you tell about it is the God who created the universe billions of years ago).

2 - The Almighty said: (not those who disbelieve known that the heavens(sky) and the earth were sewn together) of the Prophets 3:

- I was stunned scientists in the Islamic Youth Conference held in Riyadh in 1979 peak when they heard the verse and said: It was really the early universe is a nebulous cloud of smoke gas potential contiguous then turned gradually to the millions of millions of stars filled the sky. Then told the American Professor (Palmer), said that what was said can not in any way be attributed to a person who died 1400 years ago because he did not have telescopes and not space ships help to discover these facts, it must be, who told Muhammad is God and has announced Professor (Palmer) his conversion to Islam at the end of the conference.

3 - The Almighty said: (and made from water every living thing ,do you not believe in) the Prophets 30:

- And modern science has proven that any organism consists of a high proportion of the water and if he lost 25 percent of its water, it inevitably will die because all chemical reactions within the cells of any living organism is not only in aqueous medium. Where to Muhammad may Allah bless him and grant him peace in this medical information??

4 - The Almighty said: (and the sky we have built ,and still going wide) 47:

- And modern science has proved that the sky continuously increase the capacity of it is told Muhammad may Allah bless him and peace of this fact in those times, backward? Would have telescopes and satellites?! Or is it a revelation from God, the Creator of this great universe??? Is not this irrefutable evidence that the Qur'an is God right???

5 - The Almighty said: (the sun and a resting place for the estimation of Allah) Yassin 38:

- And has proved by modern science that the sun traveling at 43200 miles per hour and as the distance between us and the sun 92 million miles, we see it fixed and does not move and was surprised Professor U.S. to hear the verse of the Koran and said, I find it very difficult to imagine that science Quran which to achieve these scientific facts which have not been able only recently.

6 - The Almighty said: (and who want to mislead him he makes his chest so narrow, as if breathging up in the sky) cattle 125:

- And now when I get in an airplane and fly away with you and step up in the sky What do you feel? Do you feel tightness in the chest? Fberoik who told Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace so 1400 years ago? Did have a spacecraft of its own which could be unaware of this phenomenon physical? Or is it a revelation from God???

7 - The Almighty and them is night, We withdraw therefrom the day, and if they are in darkness) Yassin 37, and the Almighty said: (and have adorned the lower heaven with lamps) King 5:

- As indicated by the holy verses the universe is steeped in the dark dark and we were in broad daylight on the surface of the earth, and I have watched the scientists the earth and the rest of the planets of the solar lit in broad daylight while the heavens around submerged in darkness it is if he knows days of Muhammad God and peace that the darkness is the case dominates the universe? And that these galaxies and stars are not only lights a small and weak hardly dispel the darkness of the universe, plunging the surrounding seeming Kzeinp lamps and no more? And when I read these verses to hearing one of American Scientists stunned admiration and increased admiration and surprise surprise majesty and greatness of the Quran and said it can not be mentioned except in the words of sucking mm of the universe, the knower secrets and Dakkaigah.

8 - The Almighty said: (and made the sky a roof preserved) Prophets 32:

- And has proved by modern science and the existence of the Earth's atmosphere, which is protected from harmful solar rays and meteorites destroyed when touching these meteorites the Earth's atmosphere, it is raging because of friction with the tags seems to us the night in the form of blocks, a small flare fell from the sky very quickly, estimated at about 150 miles in the second and then extinguished quickly and disappear, and this is what we call Balchb, who told Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace that the sky Calcagaf save Earth from meteorites and solar radiation harmful? Is this not evidence that peremptory this Qur'an, when the creator of this great universe???




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- The differences and contradictions in the Bible and this especially between the 4 canonical gospels regarding the same incidents (an example was already given), clearly indicate that these works were not divinely inspired, but rather simply man-made biographical works by unknown authors.

- The "god of the OT" seems to be quite different to the "god of the NT". In the OT "god" commands the killing of infants (!!!), while in the NT it's stated that we should let our enemies slap the other cheek, when they slap one cheek.

- The OT presents God as being One and stresses His Oneness. It's also clear that God is not a man and as such any seemingly anthropomorphistic description can be interpreted in accordance to context and language.

In the NT however there seems to be a varying degree of attempts among its different authors to present Jesus (peace be upon him) as divine or divine-like. While some gospels go clearer into that direction (like that of John), others can be understood much more in line with the OT such that Divinity is not affirmed for Jesus (peace be upon him), but rather him being a Messenger of God and the Messiah.

- In the OT different Prophets like Abraham and Jacob (peace be upon both them) are [falsely] portrayed as having a major flaw in their character such that of lying (as shown here) and deceiving.
Considering the fact that God is the Absolute Truth and that there are even non-Prophets who lack this major flaw in character, it doesn't seem logical at all that God would choose liars and deceivers as His Prophets and as those who proclaim His revelation to the people.

There are also other indications, but the above should be enough in order to see that the Bible as presented by the Jews and Christians can not be completely from God.

Proving Jesus (P.B.U.H) Is Not God, Dr Zakir Naik Quoting Bible For Straight One Minute


أول لقاء بين محمد حجاب وجون عابد الشيطان


عثمان بن فاروق يقلب الطاولة على مبشرتين مسيحيتين


شاب وفتاة يعتنقان الإسلام ثم يتزوجان بعدها مباشرة | عثمان بن فاروق


شمسي في حوار جميل وهادئ يشرح الإسلام لزوجين غير مسلمين

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9 - The Almighty said: (and the mountains as pegs?) Report 7, and the Almighty said: (and Throw me in the earth lest it should shake with you) Luqman 10:

- Since the earth's crust and from the mountains and plateaus and deserts over the depths of liquid and soft animation (known as Layer cinema), the earth's crust, and what it Westmead and constantly moving and will result in movement of cracks and huge earthquakes destroy everything .. But this did not happen .. Why?

- Has been shown recently that two-thirds of any mountain rooted in the depths of the earth and in the (layer cinema) and only a third of a prominent above-ground therefore likeness of God Almighty mountains that hold the tent peg land as in the previous verse, and has made these verses at the Muslim youth, which was held in Riyadh in 1979 and has astonished professor America (Palmer) and the world geological Japanese (Slardo) and they said it is not reasonable in any way to be the words of a human, especially that it was said 1400 years ago because we did not arrive at the scientific facts only after extensive studies with the aid of technology of the twentieth century that were not in an era when there was ignorance and underdevelopment throughout the land) also attended the discussion of the world (Frank Bryce) Counsel American President (Carter) and specialized in geology and the sea and said, agape can not Mohammed become familiar with this information and must be the pinnacle of them is the creator of this universe, the knower secrets and laws and designs).

10 - The Almighty said: (view of the mountains and thinkest them firmly fixed and are going through a cloud over the work of God, who disposes of all things) till 88:

- We all know that mountains are stationary in place, but we if we rise from the earth away from the attractiveness and atmosphere we will see the earth revolves rapidly (100 mph) and then we will see the mountains and to be going functioning of the clouds means that the movement is not self but of the motion of the Earth just like clouds, which does not move himself, but driven by the wind, and this is evidence of the movement of the Earth, who told Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace this? Is not God??

11 - Almighty said: (Marj Bahrain meet them * do not transgress isthmus) Rahman: 19-20:

- Has been shown through recent studies show that each sea its own special characteristics which distinguish it from other seas Khdp salinity and weight Allen awareness of water until the color of which varies from one place to another because of variations in temperature and depth and other factors, and stranger than this discovery of the delicate white line is taking shape by the confluence of water, Bahrain each other and this is exactly what is stated in the previous verses, and when discussed in the Qur'anic text with the world of the U.S. Professor of the Sea (Hill) and also the German geologist (Schroeder) responded, saying that this divine science one hundred percent and its trunks between and it is impossible for a person my mother's simple Kmamed be mastered this knowledge in an age dominated by the backwardness and ignorance.
Ahmed Deedat Answers: "Corruption in Bible or Quran?"

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Inventions of Muslims

The Muslims were keenly interested in physics and chemistry, and their findings and methods paved the way for modern physicists such as Albert Einstein. Al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham – known as Alhazen – worked with optics and is, according to several historians, the first modern scientist. In his studies, he established, among other things, that light consists of particles – a theory that Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for proving.

The Qur'an motivated the Muslims to study and explore everything around them to such an extent that they founded modern experimental science as we know it today. Some of the scientific inventions made by Muslim scholars in the Middle Ages, when Europe was in darkness and backwardness, are mentioned below.

With the Christian conquest of Spain, the research of the Muslim scholars was translated into Latin. The works contributed significantly to the so-called scientific revolution in the 16th century, which laid the foundation for modern science in Europe.

Alcohol and distillation
While many of the medieval chemists practiced alchemy, Arab al-Kindi rejected the occult arts. Instead, he worked purposefully to separate e.g. metals and plants into components so that their composition and properties could be investigated. Among other things. al-Kindi wanted to learn why wine has an intoxicating effect. He therefore heated wine in special flasks which were connected by pipes. Alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water, and with his primitive distillation apparatus, al-Kindi became the first to isolate pure alcohol. The Muslims used the alcohol for medicinal purposes and for the manufacture of make-up and perfumes.

Specialist shops with thoroughly checked medicines were widespread in Baghdad as early as the 8th century. The pharmacies were privately owned, and the knowledge of mixing, storing and preserving the remedies was passed down from father to son. Regularly, the shops were inspected by government officials who checked the weight and the purity of the funds. Apothecaries who cheated on the scales or sold impure medicines were punished corporal and publicly, so that everyone could see that this kind of breach of public trust was unacceptable.

Arab apothecaries wrote extensively about their work, and the writings eventually found their way to European scholars and were translated into Latin. In particular, the writings of the Andalusian ibn al-Wafid were popular among Europeans. Through the translations, the art of apothecary spread throughout Europe.

Blood circulation

The history of medicine was rewritten in 1924, when an Egyptian doctor found a 700-year-old manuscript. The book, written by the Syrian scholar ibn al-Nafis in 1242, is the first to tell that the blood is pumped around the human body. Ibn al-Nafis describes how the heart's two chambers work and how the blood is oxygenated in the lungs along the way.

It was not until 1957 that ibn al-Nafis was recognized for his discoveries. Until then, the discovery of blood circulation had been attributed to the British William Harvey, who described the process in 1628.

In his work The Book of Secrets, the chemist al-Razi – also called Rhazes in the West – divides chemical substances into four categories: animal, vegetable, mineral and derivatives of the three. He divided minerals into six groups according to their properties – the modern periodic table is set up according to the same principle. The groupings themselves are far from today's categorization of chemical substances, but the idea of dividing the substances according to observations and experiments – instead of philosophical considerations – was revolutionary and an expression of modern scientific thinking.

Code breaking
Shift codes have been popular throughout history when kings and generals needed to send hidden messages. The principle is based on the sender shifting the letters of the alphabet so that they fill up space with other letters. For example, "a" became "d" if all letters were moved three places.
The code was as good as unbreakable until the Arab mathematician al-Kindi analyzed the Koran in the 8th century and found that the frequency of letters in a text varied. For example, characters corresponding to "a" and "i" occur most frequently in Arabic. That knowledge could be used to calculate what the letters in a code meant, al-Kindi found out. His method has since formed the basis of code breaking.

Among the ancient Greeks, the scholar al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham – known as Alhazen – had read that man could see because the eyes emitted light. Alhazen strongly disagreed and was the first to establish that the eyes did in fact receive light.

He carried out a large number of experiments with light, shade and color, which he zealously documented. According to several historians, this process makes Alhazen the first modern scientist. In his studies, he established, among other things, that light consists of particles – a theory that Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for proving.

As early as the 13th century, the Muslims made use of mechanical aids. In a book from 1206, the multi-genius al-Jazari describes 50 mechanical devices. Among the inventions is a humanoid robot that serves tea. Another device consisted of a boat with four mechanical musicians, which has been used for entertainment at parties. It has been able to be programmed to play different melodies and show more than 50 facial expressions and movements.

Water pumps
The distribution of the scarce amounts of water in the Middle East required great ingenuity and technical ingenuity. The inventor al-Jazari possessed both parts in abundance. Around the year 1200, he constructed five water pumps, one of which constituted a technical revolution. Using an ingenious system of gears and pistons, the pump sent water up a channel which carried it out to the fields. Al-Jazari's inventions – especially his advanced use of a crankshaft – later became of great use in Europe, where the shaft contributed to the great technical advances of the 15th century.

Already in the 6th century, the Muslims began to use wind to drive mills all over the Middle East. The wind was, among other things, used to grind grain and pump water, which was to be used for irrigation of fields and gardens. Historians believe that windmills were brought to Europe by the Christian Crusaders, who became acquainted with them in the 12th century.

❓"Maybe Islam is the answer" - Is Liam Neeson considering to become a Muslim? | Islam Channel


International Famous Celebrities Who Converted to Islam


Lindsay Lohan on Converting to Islam | Good Morning Britain


Famous Footballers Who Converted to Islam


Q&A: "Before Abraham Was, I Am"

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12 - The Almighty said: (and we send the winds fertilizing) Al-Hijr 22:

- And this is proven by modern science as the benefits of wind they carry the pollen grains to pollinate the flowers that will later bear fruit, it is told Muhammad, peace be upon him, and that the wind is inoculated flowers? Is not that evidence that this Qur'aan is the word of God???

13 - The Almighty said: (more mature skin Bdlnahm skins to taste the punishment) of women 56:

- And modern science has proven that the particles competent physical pain and heat are present in the skin layer alone, and with that the skin will burn with what is beneath the muscles, etc., but the Koran does not mention it because the pain is specific to the skin layer alone. It is told Muhammad to this medical information? Is not God??

14 - The Almighty said: (or Kzlmat in a dark place fraught with waves topped by waves, topped by clouds of darkness on each other if they are removed his hand was barely sees and of God did not make him light his final abode of light) the light 40:

- Could not ancient man to dive more than 15 meters because it was unable to survive without breathing more than two minutes and because the veins of his body would explode from the pressure of the water and after that there submarines in the twentieth century, scientists found that the seabed very dark and discovered that each sea Xie two layers of water, the first is very deep and dark and covered by the waves very moving and another layer surface and is also a dark and covered by waves that we see on the surface of the sea, and was surprised the American world (Hill) of the greatness of the Quran and raised eyebrows when it was discussed with the miracle found in the second half of the verse he says: (the darkness of clouds on each other if they are removed his hand was barely seen) and said that such a cloud has not witnessed the Arabian Peninsula and this never bright weather does not occur only in North America, Russia and the States Scandinavian near the pole, and which were not discovered days of Mohammed may Allah bless him and grant him peace and must be the Holy Word of God.

15 - The Almighty said: (* Romans have been defeated in the lowest land) Romans 2-3:

- The minimum land: spot lower on the surface of the earth and have overcome the Romans in Palestine near the Dead Sea, and when he discussed this verse with the geologist famous (Palmer) in the international scientific conference held in Riyadh in 1979 denied this immediately and announced to the world that there many places on the Earth's surface is lower asked scientists to make sure of his information, and to review the geographical Mkttanh surprised the world (Palmer) map of maps showing topography of Palestine and has been traced by the thick arrow points to the Dead Sea area and has written at its peak (the lowest spot on Earth's surface) were perplexed Professor and declared his admiration and appreciation, and stressed that this Quran must be the word of God.

Lindsay Lohan on Converting to Islam | Good Morning Britain


Famous Footballers Who Converted to Islam

Q&A: "Before Abraham Was, I Am"




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The authenticity of the Bible is not even established in the first place and it is simply a compilation of single chainless reports put together by unknown people.

even your early scholars believed in some sort of textual corruption at the hands of Jews and some of them even explicitly stated so.

Some Bible passages here and there are not sufficient proofs, because the Bible is not direct divine revelation even according to your own admission (and that of many of your scholars) and it clearly contains human errors in it (something that one hardly can deny).

I mean there are even indications from the context and the language within the same books / chapters that several texts (by different authors!) have beem mixed up to form a chapter / book from among the chapters of the Bible.

prophet Lot (peace be upon him)
God punished his people for sexual immorality, while He saved him and his daughters due to their righteousness.
To claim thereafter that they committed incest does not make any sense

incest is a sin, then let it be known to you that having intimate relationships with one's own children has always been a major sin.

And remember that according to the Bible Abraham (peace be upon him) - who lived at the same time as Lot (peace be upon him) - pretended several time that his wife was his sister out of fear of getting killed. This indicates that the prohibition of incest - in this case between brother and sister - was already known at that time even according to your Bible, so what about incest between father and daughters?!?

This claim of incest against Lot (peace be upon him) was simply because of the excessive hate of the Jews against the Ammonites and Moabites.

You people should really not trust Jews that much in what they make up out of hate or jealousy or whatever other reason.

In Islam we believe in the infallibility of the Prophets of God (peace be upon them) and this entails them being protected from knowingly disobeying God's commands and prohibitions.

But even if we put this point aside, then the absolute majority of humanity had never sexual intercourse with their fathers or their daughters nor even thought about that for a second.

And the absolute majority of humanity has never thought about planning to kill someone in order to be able to take their wife - with whom one has adultery - for oneself.

This means that the majority of humanity is better than what some "righteous" persons in the Bible are portrayed. This is enough for the one who thinks rationally without being restricted by the claims of some Jews here and there.

إجابة تسحق الفم لمن يقولون أن النبي كان منجذب جنسيا لل... - عباقرة: حمزة وعباس Speaker's corner


مؤثر!! عائلة مسلم جديد تعتنق الإسلام عبر البث وإجهاش بالبكاء


The Quran Mentions that the Sun Rotates about its Axis 1400 years ago - Dr Zakir Naik


شاب ألماني ينطق بالشهادة ويرجع للإسلام بعد أن تركه بسبب إيمانه بالتطور


FULL - Dr. Zakir Naik The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science vs Dr William Campbell

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Muhammad ibn (son of) Abdullah ibn (son of) Abdul Mutalib, was born on 12 Rabi 'Awwal in the year 570 C.E. (Christian Era) in Makkah, (today: Saudi Arabia) and he died in 633 C.E. in Yathrib (today: Madinah, Saudi Arabia)

In Arabic the word prophet (nabi) is derived from the word naba which means news. Thus we deduce that a prophet spreads the news of God and His message, they are in a sense God’s ambassadors on earth. Their mission is to convey the message to worship One God. This includes, calling the people to God, explaining the message, bringing glad tidings or warnings and directing the affairs of the nation. All the prophets were anxious to convey God’s message sincerely and completely and this included the last prophet, Muhammad. During his final sermon Prophet Muhammad asked the congregation three times whether he had delivered the message, and called on God to witness their answer, which was a resounding “yes!”.

As well as the essence of their call to One God, another accepted sign of the truth of the prophets is how they live their lives. The accounts of Prophet Muhammad’s life that we have inherited from our righteous predecessors illustrate that Muhammad’s Prophethood was guided by God from the very beginning. Long before, Prophethood Muhammad was being prepared to guide humankind to the straight path and his life experiences stood him in good stead for such a weighty mission. Then at the age of 40 when Prophethood was bestowed upon him, God continued to support and affirm his mission. Any account of Muhammad’s life is filled with examples of his exemplary character; he was merciful, compassionate, truthful, brave, and generous, while striving solely for the rewards of the Hereafter. The way Prophet Muhammad dealt with his companions, acquaintances, enemies, animals and even inanimate objects left no doubt that he was ever mindful of God.

Muhammad’s birth was accompanied by many so called miraculous events and the talk of the extraordinary events no doubt functioned as signs of Prophethood,

Special but not unique circumstances surrounded childhood of Prophet Muhammad and these undoubtedly had a bearing on his character. By the time he was eight years old he had suffered through the death of both his parents and his beloved grandfather Abdul Muttalib. He was left in the care of his uncle and great supporter Abu Talib. Thus even as a young boy he had already suffered great emotional and physical upheaval. Both the many chroniclers of Muhammad’s life and the Quran acknowledge his disrupted life.

Did He not find you (O Muhammad) an orphan and gave you a refuge? (Quran 93:6)

Muhammad’s uncle Abu Talib was poor and struggled to keep his family fed, thus during his adolescence Muhammad worked as a shepherd. From this occupation he learned to embrace solitude and developed characteristics such as patience, cautiousness, care, leadership and an ability to sense danger. Shepherding was an occupation that all the prophets of God we know of had in common. ‘…The companions asked, “Were you a shepherd?” He replied, “There was no prophet who was not a shepherd.”’[1]

In his teens Muhammad sometimes travelled with Abu Talib, accompanying caravans to trade centres. On at least one occasion, he is said to have travelled as far north as Syria. Older merchants recognized his character and nicknamed him Al-Amin, the one you can trust. Even in his youth he was known as truthful and trustworthy. One story that is accepted by most Islamic scholars and historians is the account of one of Prophet Muhammad’s trips to Syria.

The story goes that the monk Bahira foretold the coming Prophethood and counselled Abu Talib to “guard his nephew carefully”. According to biographer Ibn Ishaq, as the caravan in which Prophet Muhammad was travelling approached the edge of town, Bahira could see a cloud that appeared to be shading and following a young man. When the caravan halted under the shadow of some trees, Bahira “looked at the cloud when it over-shadowed the tree, and its branches were bending and drooping over the apostle of God until he was in the shadow beneath it.” After Bahira witnessed this he observed Muhammad closely and asked him many questions concerning a number of Christian prophecies he had read and heard about.

The young Muhammad was distinguished among his people for his modesty, virtuous behaviour and graceful manners, thus it was no surprise for his companions to see him, even as a youth many years before Prophethood, shun superstitious practices and keep away from drinking alcohol, eating meat slaughtered on stone altars or attending idolatrous festivals. By the time he reached adulthood Muhammad was thought of as the most reliable and trustworthy member of the Meccan community. Even those who concerned themselves with petty tribal squabbles acknowledged Muhammad’s honesty and integrity.

Muhammad’s virtues and good moral character was established from a young age, and God continued to support and guide him. When he was 40 years old Muhammad was given the means to change the world, the means to benefit the whole of humanity

محمد رسول الله ( الشيخ خالد ياسين) مترجم مؤثر جداً



حكم الاحتفال بالمولد النبوي - ذاكر نايك Zakir Naik

ماذا قالوا عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم.FLV


مولد النبي محمد ﷺ د.ذاكر نايك Dr.Zakir Naik Birth of Prophet Muhammad
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