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bass filter

Is there something that would filter bass out of the output of a stereo? I need an external one that would may be attach to the speaker wires out of the head uni.
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yup a low pass filter will do it
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go to jaycar and get a capacitor & coil, they should from one of there old books that have a graph to tell u which ones u will need (cheap as)
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What frequency are you looking at filtering?
Bass is a personal thing, if you're running a sub then you will need a little mid - high bass to complete the sound. What you are looking for is a cross over and the most simple crossover is a capacitor.
Basicly a capacitor will allow an AC voltage (above the pre-determined frequency of that device) to pass while it blocks any lower frequency. Yeah you can **** with this untill you find what you like but that's going to take time and money.
You will need one capacitor for each chanel.

Some would recommend that you visit a good sound shop and let them sort it out for you but again that's gonna cost money.
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jaycar sell crossovers for up to 30 odd dollars i think

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well you could also get one of these..



ive got one like this


i got one... but its dying due to being 6 yrs old i think =P hehe so i gotto get a new one... nbut yeh i like it and its pretty straight forward you can adjust not only ya subs but also rear and front speakers..

so like say.. you want fronts with treble only..

then ya switch it up for a high pass

then you want ya rear pacel shelf to have in between.. then ya set to mid pass... or band pass i think is another name for it...

then you got the option for subs to make it low pass... and you can ajust the gain and different filters..

its really good.. just alittle more costly than a jacar one...

mine cost 100 bucks ... and its a low grade one =P

soo yeh this coustic one would be much MUCH more =P[/img]
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