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Sleepy Gonzalez
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Originally Posted by BG1.8sp View Post
Still suffering from the broken heart!

Have you ever seen it around again after you sold it?
Only in it's new garage when I went to drop off some stuff to go with the car. The owner has friends with modded Honda Civics etc. Thought I heard it one night in amongst a bunch of raspy sounding 4 cylinders. Quite a nice distinctive deep howl to it. At last, I finally got an exhaust just right!
2002 Mazda 323 Astina 2.5 V6 manual.
KL-ZE 2.5 V6 with stock intake, stock headers, Magnaflow cat, custom midpipe with extra 12inch hotdog, Racing Beat catback.
BC Racing coilover kit, Mazdaspeed 25mm front stabiliser, Progress 22mm rear stabiliser, GTSpec front and rear strut tower braces.
Enkei RPF1 15x7, Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 205/50 R15, RDA slotted rotors, HPX pads.

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