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Question Getting the FS-DE rebuilt

Hey guys I'm just thinking of getting my engine rebuilt and was wondering about the process.
1. do i need to remove the engine prior or will it be done at shop.
2. should i do it at a Mazda dealership or a mechanic specialised at machining and rebuilds of multiple engines.
3. What are expected costs, the engine is showing signs of a valve seal leaking oil and there is a coolant leak somewhere. No signs of low compression either but i have not tested it.
Would it be worth it to get the engine worked on or not?
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Find a shop and ask them these questions. Some shops will do it all and others will want you to have the engine removed and de-accessorised. As a guide I had my F2 rebuilt for $4k, that included replacement head, porting, custom cam, pistons, all machining etc...
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In all honesty, the cost to have your engine rebuilt will be more than what the car is worth these days. Even buying a low kM engine for a shop to do the swap will be close to 2K (or above).
If you cannot diagnose and fix the issues yourself, then it maybe time to sell it off. Before you talk about rebuilding the engine, get a few mechanics to properly diagnose the issue/s first. It maybe that only the cylinder head that needs to be replaced by what you have described. Self diagnosing when you're not very sure always costs a lot more in the end.
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You are looking at $3-4K

Dealership wont be interested. You'll need to find a local mechanic or engine shop to do it.

They charge by the hour to pull it out and put it back in. So if you are comfortable enough in your own skills, then you can save money by doing it yourself. But I'm judging by your line of questioning that you don't have the skills or knowledge to do so, so spend the $400-$500 and get them to do it. Breaking things line wiring looms etc could cost your $1000s.

As above, I think the cost far outweighs the gains. Spending $4K on a $4K isn't a good idea.
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