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Dreaded Drone

This may help a little if some of you guys have experienced it or have it at the moment.

The spare wheel compartment often acts as a woofer, enhancing the exhaust note through the cabin. If you get some dynamat or other sound proofing and line bottom and the edges it can deaden the noise.

An even better solution is to be picky with the exhaust and search for threads covering recomendations.

I went with a Lukey turbo exhaust and it drones like you would believe. First off I put dynamat in all the doors and lined the rear of the rear seats to try and fight it, even went to the stage of putting a sheet just above the exhaust in the sheild but still very annoying. Then I got some rubber and put it in the compartment and really noticed the difference. Will be putting some dynamat in there over the weekend to see if I can beat the beast.
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I put a big lump of rubber in my wheel well too, I call it a spare tyre.

Seriously, almost all free flowing aftermarket exhausts make a fair racket. I can't praise the twin-loop design mufflers enough. I spose your cheapest options here are X-Force and OBX. Otherwise if you like a bit of noise, Magnaflow offset oval mufflers are my personal favourite. And I ave been told the X-Force canons aren't too bad either.

I have some ultra-form or something in my boot and on the rear strut towers. It made a bit of a difference, I don't hear stones hitting the back of the car anymore atleast... I've got some stuff I want to put in the doors, but it's more an anti-rattle thing than anything else.

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The problem is that the frequency of the drone from a more open exhaust passes easily though the windows of your car. There isn't any easy way you can fix that unfortunately. Otherwise the floor of the boot and hatch door make the most difference for exhaust noise. Rear wheel wells, the floorpan and doors make the most difference to road noise.
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